We are absolutely delighted to be Life Coaching on The MoneyPenny Foundation and WeMindTheGap 2017/18 Programme for young disadvantaged and unemployed women.


The Moneypenny Foundation was established in 2014 to help disadvantaged and unemployed young women in the Wrexham area into work and training. The Foundation’s aim is to allow these young women to move ‘from being prisoners of circumstance to pilots of our own lives’.

This is a completely holistic six month programme that allows Trainees to broaden their horizons, increase self-confidence, identify strengths and weaknesses, develop skills, identify potential, develop ambitions, create strong friendships, trust in others, and ultimately to understand the power of having a choice.

Since 2014 the Foundation has helped 20 young women moving from being totally dependent on the state with limited choices, to being totally independent, working in full-time employment or education and with great choices to make. This a massive success by any measure, and a large part of that is attributed to the coaching element of the programme.

What a wonderful programme, can't wait to get started in October.