Status: Closed

Client: A leading Scientific Instruments Group (European) of Companies (Manufacturing and Distribution)

Job title: Chief Financial Officer - Europe (CFO)

Location: Buckinghamshire (M1 Corridor)

Remuneration: Up to £80k plus pension and phi (depending on experience)

Job Purpose: the CFO reports directly to the CEO, Europe, and is responsible for developing and maintaining the financial wellbeing of the Group.  He/she is responsible for all Group financial reporting including all financial regulatory requirements, risk management, providing financial projections and accounting services, supporting budget management, cost benefit analysis, forecasting needs and preparing growth plans, and the securing of new funding.  The CFO supervises the Group finances and is responsible for the ongoing development and monitoring of control systems designed to preserve company assets and report accurate financial results.  The CFO is the chief financial spokesperson for the organisation.

Key Responsibilities:

Financial Planning

  • Assist in formulating the Group's future direction and supporting tactical initiatives
  • Monitor and direct the implementation of strategic business plans
  • Develop financial and tax strategies
  • Manage the capital request and budgeting processes
  • Develop performance measures that support the company's strategic direction

Financial Operations

  • Participate in key decisions as a member of the executive managment team
  • Maintain in-depth relations with all members of the management team
  • Manage the accounting, investor relations, legal, tax and treasury functions
  • Oversee the financial operations of Group companies in Europe
  • Manage any third parties to which functions have been outsourced
  • Oversee the company's trnsactin processing systems
  • Implement operational best practices
  • Oversee employee benefit plans, wth particular emphasis on maximising a cost effective benefits package
  • Supervise acquisition due diligence and negotiate acquisition

Status: Closed - Another successful assignment for Oakleigh Resourcing

Role: Governance Review Manager (FTC)

Client: The British Council

Department: Corporate Affairs

Reporting to: Head of Corporate Affairs

Location: British Council Offices, Spring Gardens, London SW1A

Duration of job: FTC of 9 months (commencing July 2013)

Remuneration: Attractive salary and 'family friendly' benefits package

Purpose of job:

This is a temporary post but one that is central in terms of importance to the organisation right now.  It will work with the most senior level of the British Council (BC) and will be deeply involved in shaping its future.  The post holder will need to start in July and be based in Spring Gardens, London.


All Non Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs) are required by the Cabinet Office to be reviewed every three years and the British Council's review is scheduled for this financial year.  The review will be led by the FCO who will appoint an independent Review Team (RT) to conduct it.  The RT will be asked to examine whether and which of its functions are still necessary and whether remaining at arm's length is still the most effective position from which the BC can achieve its purpose.  Assuming positive responses to the above, then it will review the British Council's governance, control and transparency.

In tandem, the BC has already started planning for 2020 and beyond, and is looking at what it needs to do to ensure that its entrepreneurial public service model is sustainable and will bring the best possible benefit to the UK in the long term.  So the review is timely, and an excellent opportunity to push the BC's thinking so it is in good shape for the future.

Status: Closed -  Another successful assignment for Oakleigh Resourcing

Role: Head, IT Secuirty, Risk and Compliance

Client: The British Council

Department: Global Business Services

Reporting to: Director, Global Business Services

Location: British Council Offices, Spring Gardens, London SW1A

Remuneration: Attractive salary and 'family friendly' benefits package

Purpose of job:

To help ensure the delivery of a technology landscape that supports business goals and objectives whilst minimising exposure to risk in areas of technology security and related legal and regulatory compliance.  Leading a team of IT secruity specialists, and working closely with teams responsible for information management, this role needs to objectively assess the Council's information systems, develop appropriate policies, processes, procedures and standards, recommend improvements in security and controls, monitor compliance with standards, both internal and external, and track any remedial actions through to completion, providing assurance to the British Council's Board.  In addition, this role will lead the technical response to security or other critical incidents, provide adisory and consulting services as needed to the business, and accept ad hoc assignments as the needs dictates.

The post holder will win the confidence of senior business leaders whilst providing thought leadership in this area.

Context and environment:

The security team has a key role in supporting the British Council in the management of security, risk and compliance whilst facilitating the achievement of business objectives.  The composition and responsibilities of the security team are currently under review but are expected to grow as techology offerings become increasingly important to the business delivery.  In this role, the post holder will have responsibility for the management of a team responsible for addressing the IT security, risk and compliance needs of the organisation.  In addition to independent and team assignments and responsibilities, the post holder will be engaged with relevant members of the global team in support of their activities, particularly in areas of technology policies, processes, procedures, standards, risk management and controls.

Areas of particular challenge on the BC horizon include BYOD, technical protection for the valuable IP, the new HMG information protection (protective marking) regime, Cloud based infrastructure and services, and sharing common IT platforms with business partners.